The benchmark in high-volume production

Image module

Absolute precision and maximum performance have made the SIPLACE X the placement platform of choice for demanding high-volume production applications such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks, LED arrays, and many more. Wherever top speed, lowest dpm rates, non-stop setup changeovers, fast new product introductions and the high-speed placement of the latest generations of super-small components (0201 metric) are needed – the SIPLACE X delivers.

Highlights of the SIPLACE X:

  • SIPLACE SpeedStar for high-speed and placement of components as small as 0201 (metric) with maximum precision
  • SIPLACE MultiStar – the only head that automatically changes modes on demand (C&P, P&P, Mixed Mode)
  • SIPLACE TwinStar: The head for special tasks
  • Digital SIPLACE vision system for maximum process stability
  • Available with two, three and four gantries and smart conveyor options for optimized line configurations
  • Modular gantries to meet any production challenges
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