Chip assembly and SMT placement in a single machine

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Integrate high-growth technologies of the future such as flip chips and die attach into your SMT production with the SIPLACE CA, the world’s first platform that lets you flexibly combine the placement of bare dies directly from the wafer with classic feeder-based SMT placement. Your competitive advantage: New, future-proof applications can be implemented on a single SMT line without any additional special processes. It is the ideal machine for “Advanced Packaging” applications. Another benefit: For all other jobs, the SIPLACE CA operates as a powerful “normal” SMT placement machine.

Highlights of the SIPLACE CA:

  • Four SIPLACE SpeedStar placement heads for high-precision placement of up to 80,000 SMT components, 42,000 flip chips or 28,000 die-attach components per hour
  • Component supplied from changeover tables/feeders or SIPLACE wafer systems for 4-inch to 12-inch wafers
  • Attach unit and linear dipping unit
  • High-precision bare-die placement for embedded wafer level ball grid array
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