DEK NeoHorizon

Modular and powerful

Image module

With their flexible configuration options, DEK NeoHorizon printers are easily adjustable to meet specific requirements. The user can choose from various underscreen cleaning options, transport, paste height control, clamping and verification systems.

And with the DEK ProFlow ATx, a new generation of the enclosed DEK print head system is now available.

By linking the printer to the self-learning ASM ProcessExpert system, users now have automated printing and optimization options at their fingertips.

Sample configuration:

  • DEK NeoHorizon 03 iX:

±20 µm @ 2 Cmk, (±6 sigma)
Core Cycle time (CCT): 8 Sec.

  • DEK NeoHorizon 01 iX:

±15 µm @ 2 Cmk, (±6 sigma)
Core Cycle time (CCT): 6.5 Sec.

  • DEK NeoHorizon Back-to-Back:

The DEK NeoHorizon Back-to-Back makes it easy to print using dual lanes by simply combining two DEK NeoHorizon modules in a back to back machine setup.

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Printing solutions
DEK NeoHorizon