DEK Nano Ultra Coating

New options in fine-pitch printing

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The permanent DEK nano-coating, which is between 2 and 4 µm thick and applied with a chemo-thermal process, improves the solder paste transfer characteristics and therefore the entire printing quality in all applications, and especially in fine-pitch applications.

You recognize the new DEK Nano Ultra stencils by their reddish sheen and their sensational process improvements.

  • For fine apertures (area ratio <0.60), DEK Nano Ultra stencils deliver up to 40 percent better paste transfer efficiency.
  • You benefit from sufficiently large deposits, cleaner edges, and no smearing.
  • You also have longer cleaning intervals
  • And use fewer consumables (solder paste, cleaning agents, fabric, etc.)
  • And improvements in quality, yield and productivity ultimately increase your ROI.
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DEK Nano Ultra Coating