ASM Material Tower

The compact, fully automated storage system

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Compact, fast, and fully integrated into the ASM Material Manager . Your storage grows with you. ASM Material Towers can be clustered to provide your main storage site, or you store your components where they are needed most often – next to the line and in the setup preparation area. The ASM Material Tower lets you implement decentralized concepts such as material storage near your lines or setup areas.

Features of the ASM Material Tower:

  • Compact design:
    “Small” version: 612 reels in a cabinet only 1.1 meters wide
    “Large” version: 932 reels in a cabinet only 1.5 meters wide
  • Fast: Maximum 10 seconds from request to issue
  • MSD-capable
  • Fully integrated: Controlled via ASM Material Manager; cluster-capable
  • For the latest logistics concepts: Local component storage next to lines and setup areas
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ASM Material Tower