ASM Command Center

A software solution for production monitoring and efficient operator deployment

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Our highly innovative software revolutionizes classic operator models and the rigid assignment of lines and operating staff. ASM Command Center permanently monitors your production lines and analyzes all data and status messages. If many assists are needed, it uses smart devices to notify operators with the appropriate training while supplying them with the necessary information and help.

With ASM Command Center you can form teams that support your lines in a flexible, competent and task-oriented manner.

Another benefit: assists like setting adjustments that don’t require an operator’s physical presence on the line can be performed on a central console.

  • Automatic, centralized monitoring of all lines
  • Forwarding of alarms and assist requests to certain persons
  • Intelligent operator deployment that’s based on each person’s skills and competencies (“smart operator”)
  • Integration of smart devices/smartwatches
  • Central control of remote assists
  • Improved efficiency and quality of ongoing production support
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