Our line solutions creates new possibilities

We support the workflows in your production with comprehensive hardware and software solutions.

  • ASM Material Manager: Material flow optimization
  • ASM Material Tower : Automatic storage system
  • SIPLACE Material Setup Assistant : Faster and more efficient setup preparation
  • ASM ProcessExpert : The first self-learning expert system for SMT production
  • ASM Line Monitor : Your material availability on the line at a glance
  • SIPLACE SiCluster Multiline: Setup scheduling for multiple lines
  • SIPLACE Vision Teach Station: Offline teaching
  • DEK station software & software options: The desktop for your operators
  • SIPLACE LED Pairing: Administer all combinations of brightness classes and resistors in a single program
  • SIPLACE Stations Software: Keep all placement machine operations under control
  • ASM ProcessLens : Innovative technologies ensure maximum precision and speed
  • ASM ProcessLens: Innovative technologies ensure maximum precision and speed
  • SIPLACE Line Operations Package: Advanced functions for setup changeovers and line operations
  • ASM OIS (Operator Information System): Visualization of all major performance data
  • DEK Verification: Seamless documentation of all relevant printing parameters and process information
  • ASM Setup Center: Reliable setup verification
  • ASM Traceability: Track-and-trace for demanding customers
  • ASM OIB: The interface to all production data
  • SIPLACE Explorer: Browser-based monitoring application
  • ASM EDM (Engineering Data Manager): Centralized production data management
  • SIPLACE Feeder Manager: Efficient management of your feeder inventory
  • SIPLACE Smart Pin Support: Automated pin support for printed circuit boards


The interface to all production data
ASM Command Center

ASM Command Center

Our innovative software solution for production monitor and efficient operator deployment