E-Use stands for:

  • easier operation
  • more user-friendliness
  • lower service costs

Software in various languages, easy teaching and clear status messages during operation – the E-Team has thought of everything, always driven by the goal to “make everything easier”.

Experience how your employees operate their E-Machines safely, error-free, and with confidence. See how easy it is to program even complex products with a few gestures on the touchscreen. Be thrilled when online tools enable your own service staff to handle support and maintenance tasks themselves – without having to call in outside technicians.

Easy programming
Make a challenging job easier
E-Xperience Area
Technical support redefined
Vision System
Sees more and with more detail than others

Digital vision system
How do you check tens of thousands of components per hour? Seamlessly and reliably?
The E by SIPLACE provides a surprising answer. For the first time, a machine in this performance category employs technologies that were previously reserved for the high end: the digital SIPLACE vision system. The same that we install in our high-end machines, with the same camera technology and software.

This means:

  • Digital camera technology, with high resolution and ultra-fast speeds.
  • Each component is captured and checked individually.
  • The system sees more than just the shape, because individual lighting configurations make more details visible.
  • Modern image recognition algorithms.
  • The system never slows down, not even for the smallest components (01005).
  • Fast, easy teaching.
  • Proven in thousands of high-end applications.
Placement Force Control
Sensitive components, warped boards – no problem

Placement force control comes standard
When it comes to placement quality, the E-Team does not accept any compromises. That’s why the E by SIPLACE sets new standards and comes with placement force control by default.

Whether you are dealing with sensitive components (LEDs, springs, very small components) or large connectors – the machine is programmable to set down each with the correct placement force. This is accomplished with placement force sensors and the unique head technology of the E by SIPLACE. It recognizes even warped PCBs and adapts the placement process accordingly.




The result:
the E by SIPLACE delivers more placement quality for more yield and more efficiency, making for more satisfied customers. Why would you want to settle for anything less?

Linear Drive Control
Fast, precise, low-maintenance

Perfect positioning: Linear motor control
To move the head with maximum speed and precision, the E by SIPLACE uses state-of-the-art linear motors.

Thanks to:

  • high-resolution scales
  • modern sensors
  • decades of experience in control software

The E by SIPLACE always hits the right spot – with dead-on accuracy and speed.

Your customers demand quality and performance?
The stiff chassis and the precise linear drives of the E by SIPLACE deliver both by design, and for a long time to come. Our high-quality linear drives operate with repeat accuracy, no wear, and very little maintenance.

E by SIPLACE stands for top quality the German way. It lets you place components with more precision and with the right force – even super-small 01005 components. You please your customers, open up new markets, and protect your investment for the future.

High placement quality of the E by SIPLACE is based on the latest technologies and components.

  • precisely controlled line drives
  • standard placement force control
  • the SIPLACE digital vision systems that is already setting standards in the high-end segment

All perfectly coordinated in the new E by SIPLACE.

  • Placement Heads

More jobs in less time – that’s E-Performance.
For maximum performance, we offer five placement head models:
– CP14 – for the fastest placement of components
– CP12 – the collect-and-place head for an extremely broad component spectrum
– CP12/PP* and CP6/PP* – these combination heads turn your E by SIPLACE into an all-rounder
– TwinHead – the pick-and-place head for special and difficult applications

*PP ≙ TwinHead

Placement Heads
This is what our placement heads can do ..

Placement Heads

CP14 – fast placement of components
Developed for the E by SIPLACE, the 14-nozzle collect-and-place head employs SIPLACE’s unique head technology to reliably place components ranging in size from 01005 to 6 x 6 mm. It accepts up to 14 components in a single pickup cycle, which pushes its E-Speed to up to 45,300 cph. The CP14 – your advantage in high-volume production.

Drives, software, nozzles, vacuum technology, vision system – on the CP14, everything interacts harmoniously. This ensures maximum real-life performance in everyday operations, even with unusual component mixes and board designs. After all, flawlessly processed boards are the only thing that matters to you and your customers – and to us.

CP12 – quick and versatile
Places components ranging from 01005 to 18.7 x 18.7 mm. The 12-nozzle collect-and-place head impresses with its E-Speed up to a maximum of 24,300 cph, which is unusually high considering the broad component spectrum it can handle.

The CP12 is the ideal solution for compact E-Lines that must accommodate a wide range of products. With this level of flexibility, you can accept new orders without having to worry whether you’ll be able to handle them.

CP12/PP – speed meets flexibility
You want maximum flexibility? We got it.
The E-Team developed the C12/PP precisely for people like you. This head combines the fast CP12 with a highly flexible pick-and-place unit for large components.

A huge benefit for your production. The C12/PP enables you to process components ranging from 01005 to 18.7 x 18.7 mm and heights of up to 19 mm on a single machine with only one gantry. You even can make a one-machine line with this head configuration.

By the way: No special programming is needed, because the software automatically assigns the components to the two head sections in the most efficient way possible. Whether for prototypes or the high-mix production of small lots – the C12/PP features the necessary flexibility, precision and speed.

CP6/PP – the all-rounder
The CP6/PP is a technical stroke of genius. This all-rounder turns a standalone E-Machine into a complete SMT line, by combining the 6-nozzle collect-and-place head with a pick-and-place unit.

The result: a single-gantry E by SIPLACE can place components ranging from 0201 to 45 x 98 mm and heights of up to 19 mm. A perfect, extremely compact all-in-one solution with up to 120 feeder slots. Easy to program, because the software automatically assigns the components to the head segments in the most efficient way possible. This head is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized manufacturers who must be able to accommodate a wide range of orders and products, for prototype production, for small and super-small lots, for research and development … the list goes on and on.

TwinHead – for everything out of the ordinary
With its TwinHead, the E-Team is offering a pick-and-place head that has proven its capabilities in thousands of high-end, special and difficult applications. Whether to place large connectors in the automobile industry and or heavy odd-shaped components in all different industrial applications – the TwinHead reliably places components up to 200 x 110 mm large and 25 mm high with a huge spectrum of grippers and pickup units for special components.

TwinHead is the solution for all difficult cases either in the line or standalone.

  • SmartFeeder E

Fast placement heads require high-precision feeders.
That’s why the E-Team developed the SmartFeeder E. They are fast, operate with exceptional precision, and are hot-swappable. Accordingly, the E by SIPLACE provides the best possible setup for each job – always a step ahead of the competition.

Install without stopping the production


Intelligent Smartfeeder E for more overall performance
Speedy heads require high-precision feeders to deliver their full capabilities. Our intelligent Smartfeeder E operates with precision drives and a special internal tape guide system to provide each component in exactly the same position every time – a system that has proven itself in SIPLACE high-end solutions.

Another special feature: since the Smartfeeder E is hot-swappable, you can install and remove it without having to stop the machine. This speeds up your setup operations considerably. And since the Smartfeeder E is extremely robust, it requires very little maintenance.

Clearly structured, and each number provides a strong argument: the most important facts and figures on the E by SIPLACE.
If you would like to receive additional information, simply contact the E-Team.

Image module
CP14 CP12 CP12/PP CP6/PP TwinHead
E-Speed 45,300 cph 24,300 cph 24,200 cph 13,700 cph 5,200 cph
E-Accuracy 41µm/3σ 41µm/3σ 37,5µm/3σ 37,5µm/3σ 22µm/3σ
Component E-Range 01005 – 6 x 6 mm 01005 – 6 x 6 mm 01005 – 45 x 98 mm 0201 – 45 x 98 mm 0201 – 200 x 110 mm
Max. E-Height 4 mm 7.5 mm 19 mm 19 mm 25 mm
PCB Size
490 x 460 mm
1,200 x 460 mm
Set Up Capacity 120, 90 with Tray Changer
E-Size 1,500 mm x 1,666 mm(L x W)
E-Weight 1,850 kg

E-Xperience Area
Being dependent on equipment suppliers and having long maintenance breaks – that was yesterday.
Our E-Services open the door to a new world of support. Today you can go online to find all the videos, checklists, job cards and other information that users and technicians need.

  • Create a new placement program?
    Our innovative job cards show how your employees can operate the line for any product.
  • See a trouble message?
    Step-by-step analyses make troubleshooting quick and easy.
  • Or recalibrate the machine?
    In the future, your employees will be able to help themselves with speed and flexibility. That saves time and increases their skill level.

To find out more, move your mouse over the respective hotspots.
For the registration of the E-Xperience Area please contact one of our distributors worldwide.

Hotspot image

The quickest way to get to know the E by SIPLACE : move your mouse over the green E-Hotspots.
Learn about the strengths and special features of this unique placement solution and find out why the E by SIPLACE sets new standards in quality, performance and ease of operation.

Hotspot image
  • Select the configuration that works best for you or contact our distributors for further information
Image module
E-Speed 45,300 cph
E-Component Range 01005 – 200 x 110 mm
Feeder Slots 120

“Basic” model: One machine for everything

Equipped with the CP12/PP placement head, a single E by SIPLACE becomes a highly versatile workhorse that is capable of placing components ranging from 01005 to 200 x 110 mm. It is the ideal solution for prototype production, short runs, contract manufacturing … and the list goes on and on.

If you need more speed, for example to produce submodules with high density components, the CP14 is your placement head of choice. Whatever you decide, the “Basic” configuration gives you a one-machine line that can be expanded to grow with your requirements at any time.

Image module
E-Speed 90,600 cph
E-Component Range 01005 – 200 x 110 mm
Feeder Slots 240

“Flex”: For flexible performance

Our popular “Flex” configuration with 240 feeder slots can be configured as two E by SIPLACE equipped with one CP14 head and one CP12/PP head.

This solution gives you the flexibility you need to handle an exceptionally wide range of market requirements. It features a new level of flexibility for mass production or prototype production, lots of performance, and plenty of feeder slots – along with top quality that will keep your customers happy. And as always with SIPLACE, each process around the line is supported by solid, user-friendly software.

Image module
E-Speed 135,900 cph
E-Component Range 01005 – 200 x 110 mm
Feeder Slots 360

“Volume”: The new standard

Up to135,900 cph with a spectrum ranging from 01005 to 200 x 110 mm. The “Volume” configuration with three E by SIPLACE sets a new standard in this segment by making it possible for the first time to run true high-speed applications.

If you are looking for a line that features lots of speed for high-volume production yet is flexible enough for frequent job changes, the “Volume” configuration of the E by SIPLACE provides the perfect solution with maximum investment protection.

  • More :

Tell us what you need – we’ll tell you the E by SIPLACE configuration that works best for you
“Basic”, “Flex” and “Volume” are configuration examples that cover the many common applications. Electronics production is diverse, however, and constantly changing as your customers come up with new requirements.

Discuss your needs with our E-Team – we’ll gladly help you to find the ideal E-Configuration.

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