An all-round machine with unprecedented features: E by SIPLACE

An all-round machine with unprecedented features: E by SIPLACE

Top precision and placement quality in the all-round segment? Not available in the past, or only with expensive add-on options. The E by SIPLACE is different: A high-end vision system, high-precision linear drives and placement force sensors guarantee top quality already in the standard model.

The E by SIPLACE sets the new standard for quality in all-round placement solutions. Built on top of an extremely stiff frame, the E by SIPLACE moves its gantries and placement heads with non-wearing, precise linear drives and controllers that have proven themselves in high-end solutions.

The result: finely controlled movements with stops that feature maximum repeat accuracy across their entire life cycle. The newly developed E-feeders supply the components at defined pick-up points, and the high-end vision system inspects each component with individually adjustable light settings that make even the smallest detail visible. If you want to make sure that components ranging from the smallest 01005 to large conductors are placed with absolute precision, you must be able to adjust the placement force. The E by SIPLACE does this with its placement force sensors, which are included already in the standard model. That way, even warped PCBs are no longer a problem even for sensitive components.

In short, the E by SIPLACE sets new standards in placement quality and enables electronics manufacturers to meet their customers’ steadily rising requirements today and in the future.

But, as today’s manufacturing operation in the mid-speed sector becomes more complex with increasing product variation, challenging NPI demands, shorter planning cycles and stringent build-to-order requirements, the need for a more capable system to manage remote programming and ongoing set-up changeovers is greater than ever before. Naturally, high-quality results and cost-competitiveness for the mid-range market remain key considerations for any high-mix manufacturing operation.

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