How to Tackle Odd-Shaped Components?

How to Tackle Odd-Shaped Components?

  • The Challenge – In the recent years, many electronic products had significantly shrunk in size, which means components used are smaller in size too. However, there will be certain components which challenge the process, either it is difficult to shrink in size or requires special process (e.g. high connectors, pin-in-paste). This resulted in manufacturers to demand for placement platforms that are precise, highly accurate and at the same time, versatile across all different industrial applications.


  • The Strategy

The E by SIPLACE Twin Head is ideally suitable for customers who requires placement of difficult and special applications with its:
1. High Accuracy
It has a placement accuracy value of up to 22 μm/ 3σ (sigma). Coupled with the Pick & Place (PP) principle and placement force of up to 15N, the Twin Head is suitable for handling tall and heavy components of up to 25mm and 100g.

2. Versatility
Additional performance improvements and achieving higher flexibility are made possible with the SIPLACE Multi-Gripper kit inclusive of over 100 gripper types. Furthermore, users may also find an extensive nozzle database, available in the E by SIPLACE online Spare Parts Catalog, catered for odd-shape components.

Additionally, we have Specialized Application Team available in Asia, Europe and AMCAS, to offer their expertise to further support the customers’ needs. With the E by SIPLACE Placement Head, Twin Head, it makes the production line or as a standalone more efficient across all industrial applications.

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